About Colonial Fuel Oil Corporation

fuel oil dealer - Fuel Tanker Truck in Mechanicsville VA
Company History
Established in 1949, Colonial Fuel Oil Corporation was later purchased by the Cassanos family in 1976. The family has operated it ever since. Today, our staff consists of long-term employees, averaging more than 15 years of experience with the company.

Service You Can Depend on

Though we specialize in the sales and deliveries of fuel oil, kerosene, gas, and diesel fuel, we do much more. In fact, you can also count on us to service your oil heat systems and central AC to ensure your space is comfortable all year long.
A Charitable Business
Colonial Fuel Oil Corporation tries to give back to the Greater Richmond area. That's why we work with Fuel Assistance, Citizen's Energy, and other charities. We're also proudly affiliated with the Retail Merchants and the Virginia Petroleum Convenience Associations.
Contact our fuel oil dealer, located in Mechanicsville, Virginia, and we'll cater to all your fuel oil needs.